"Snow Falls Soft on the Hidden Valley"

by Marcus Williams

Conquistador treasure will change his life. But will it be for the good?
A classic western novel
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Clancy Peters was only hoping to strike some luck on a newly purchased mine claim outside of Buena Vista, but the town, or more particularly its tyrant, Dane Sampson, had other plans for the lone cowboy. On the run from a mob of Sampson’s goons, Peters finds a hidden valley deep in the mountains, where the MacNeil family, also victim to Sampson’s greed, has built the foundations of a peaceful life. This peace is shattered, however, as Sampson and his men become hungry for more land, hidden conquistador treasure, and revenge. As winter descends on the mountain, Peters and the MacNeils must prepare to defend the hidden valley—and their lives. "My father had been a hard man, but he taught me a learned man was never without hope or opportunity." Clancy Peters